Development of mobile applications for ios, android and windows phone turnkey.

Space frontier in app development

Development of mobile applications
at prices in 2013: iOS, Android
from 150,000 rubles

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Attention! We are currently seeking for a talented tester with the relevant experience of over a year and/or a respective agency.

If you are one of the above or just an interested party willing to help or recommend somebody, we will be happy to hear from you.

Project Manager

You have software and/or web site developing management experience of over 3 years
You have lots of ties in the IT industry and know how to actually make great projects
You are looking for new career opportunities and comfortable financial conditions for development

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Sales Manager

Wanted: a person capable to sell better than us. High earnings.
Experience in B2B software sales of over a year

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If you are one of the above or can recommend qualified professionals interested in development, please let us know.

Let’s work on great projects together. :)

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